• A New Model of Doing Business

    geared 100% towards unparalleled performance & purpose


    Coral Colab is a global network of leaders working on the world's biggest social & environmental challenges. Driven by a love for innovation & collaboration — each Coral member has on-ground experience, networks & the business acumen to identify the world’s greatest needs; then address them at scale. Every Coral member thrives in collaboration, working across silos & industries.


    We call them: Systems Entrepreneurs.


    At Coral CoLab, each new project and problem statement triggers a unique task-force to be formed, dedicated to solving that complex & systemic challenge. Hence, Coral teams are agile & adaptive — allocating resources only where they are needed most.


    Our ultimate mission is to equip leaders to act:

    •  integrating impact into core strategy 
    • and implementing systemic solutions
    Are you ready?

  • Innovating the Entire Value Chain

    Areas where we work:
  • Raw Materials

    BioTech & New Materials

    AgriTech & Regenerative Farming

    Sourcing Sustainable Raw Materials

    Nature Restoration

    Supply Chain

    Human Dignity


    Net Positive

    Improve Production & Distribution

    Get Access to Technology

    Circular & Sustainable Manufacturing

    Low Carbon Distribution

    Circular Economy

    Post-consumer economics

    Circular innovation




    Ecosystem Restoration

    I'm ready to find a more renewable and regenerative raw material for my product— and restore the biodiversity where we work.

    Human Dignity

    I want to make sure we remove all slavery from within our supply chains and ensure transparency going forward. Our people matter.

    Net Positive

    The manufacturing, production & distribution of our products require a lot of energy. We are ready to make sure this energy is as efficient as possible to reduce our emissions at hit net zero.

    Circular Economy

    I'm ready to shift to a circular business model. I want to find circular suppliers, manufacturers & strategic partners to join the circular economy.